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Fairhaven TV (FHTV) is a cable access program operated by the Town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Encompassing the Government Access and Public Access channels, FHTV covers local government meetings, produces public service announcements and original programs unique to Fairhaven.


Our Government Access and Public Access channels are broadcasted on local Comcast Cable Channels 18 and 95, respectively. All FHTV content is also available online.

We also offer free hands-on training seminars in studio production, videography, editing and lighting for Fairhaven residents!


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Fairhaven Cable Access Director

Derek Frates began his tenure with Fairhaven Cable Access in July 2018. He is a graduate of Salem State University and earned his Master’s Degree in Media Studies from Rhode Island College. He previously worked as the cable access production coordinator at Dartmouth Community Television (2006-2018).

Prior to that, he worked for Falmouth Community Television, Westport Access Community Cable and New Bedford Cable Network in various roles including director, editor, videographer, public access coordinator and interim station manager.

Derek is pivotal in the training and implementation of public access policies and working with the community in many different aspects of video production. In November 2018, Fairhaven Community Media Channel 95 was launched under Derek's direction, allowing Fairhaven residents and town organizations the platform to produce television shows and learn video production skills. He looks forward to working with you!



Production Coordinator

Erick has worked for the town since 2016. In September 2019, he was employed as the full-time Production Coordinator, the technician for the department.

He utilizes his wide array of media talents with his skilled hand in every aspect of the studio. His unique camera and editing work are evident in many FHTV productions.

Erick is always ready and willing to help with multimedia projects in and out of work. He loves photography, golf and is an avid Fútbol enthusiast.


Video Creator

Fairhaven born and raised, Alyssa has always had a passion for storytelling. Following a childhood spent reading obsessively in the Millicent Library, she found and developed her own filmmaking voice through Fairhaven High School's Media Production program.


Graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island in 2021, Alyssa earned two degrees in Film/Media and Management. Her two student short films, Junkie and To Dust All Return, have toured festivals across the country. She was named the recipient of the 2021 University Excellence Award in Film/Media and the 2021 Dean's Excellence Award in Management. She is now pursuing a career as a writer/director and works on film sets.


Alyssa has loved being a part of the creativity at Fairhaven TV since 2016 and is excited to continue telling stories that connect this beautiful community.

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Video Creator

Nick has been a part of the Fairhaven TV crew since 2019, and has felt at home ever since.


He has been involved with media production since attending Fairhaven High, where he met most of his coworkers and has been making videos with them for 6+ years.


Nick is an avid hiker and photographer, loves movies and storytelling, and is big into classic rock - plus he’s always down to discuss history and philosophy, which he studied along with media production at Bridgewater State University. 


He hopes to work on nature/travel documentaries in the future, and looking to pursue video journalism.


Stay tuned for more Hometown Hikes, a series directed by Nick!


Set Designer, Etc.

Todd started making videos as a kid borrowing his parent's VHS camcorder. In college, he worked with Dartmouth Community TV while simultaneously being a set designer for local theater companies.


Now, working with Fairhaven TV, Todd films, crafts our sets and is our live event coordinator with his background as a national-touring performer.




Barbara Acksen, Chairperson

Andrew Romano, Select Board Representative

Maria J. Carvalho

Ronnie Medina

John Methia

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