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Fairhaven TV's 4th Annual Open House

Virtual Haunted
Halloween Party

FREE All-Ages Halloween Online Event!

Live Interactive Virtual Show
Friday, October 22th

5:30pm pre-show Start
6pm Live Start
Watch Online Here


Hosted By:


Todd Migliacci

New England's Favorite Magician and the only magician to ever perform in Disney World's Cinderella Castle will be here performing his Tricks (and Treats!)


- During the Show -


Magic Tricks and Treats from Magician Todd Migliacci throughout the show!

Costume Contest

Wear a costume to the show!

Spooky Stories

- Storyteller Erin Hedges shares spooky and hair raising stories

- Eye opening tales documenting haunted spots around town

Trivia & Games

How well will you do playing along live with your group?

Info & News

Learn about Fairhaven TV, what going on in your community for Halloween, dos & don'ts for a safe holiday and more!

Tricks &Tips

Get tips and ideas to make your laid back Halloween special

Surprises & More!

Get tips and ideas to make your laid back Halloween special

How To Participate & Call in Live

How Does My Family Participate?

- Day of the event, Fri Oct 22nd, simply click the link below.

- We will be talking live to participants through the Zoom Meetings app so if you want to be a part of the show make sure to join!

- Use a smart device with a camera and make sure to have Zoom downloaded on your device before the show.

LIVE Zoom Meeting Link HERE
Note: Only will work starting 5:30pm Oct.22nd

Event questions or comments? Contact us!

(774) 328-8828

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